Melissa McVicker Consulting, LLC

Helping people to tell their unique story and build thriving organizations through strategic communications, branding, marketing and leadership.

Melissa McVicker Consulting, LLC is a strategic communications, branding, marketing and leadership development consultancy. We cultivate relationships with global clients who want to move from strategy into action and tell their unique story.

With over 20 years of experience in technology marketing and engineering, we are fluent in communications, branding and integrated marketing, as well as organizational design and leadership.

We are eager to work with growing companies and individuals in Silicon Valley and around the world.


Melissa is delightful, daring, insightful and motivating. She draws from great experience, which allows her to share solid strategic advice that makes you smile!

Ken Kaplan, Broadcast Media Relations, Intel Corporation, worked indirectly for Melissa at Intel Corporation

May 11, 2015